LED bar

Having followed these instructions, I managed to fix a LED bar to my Felix 3.0.

Off on

On the left picture the LED bar is off. In the right bar it is on. It sits at the same height as the printing head so that it illuminates the bed and you can look right under it to see what's happening there. The pictures below are closeups of different parts. You can click on them in order to enlarge them.

Long arm 12V Power rail no cover Cover appllied Action

I used the pieces provided by satoer as well as the holder provided by the Felix team. I combined them and modified them arroding to the size of my pieces. I used this LED bar (I had to cut of 65mm of the rail and 2 LED untis) and desinged myself a cover to hide the cables inside the aluminium bar.


 3D models:

 Original instructions