Reading Lamp

Having cut off 2 segments from the 50cm LEB bar for my printer addon, I though I could use these to create a reading lamp I could fix onto my bed.

In a first time I created some small prototypes just to test if it would hold the LED stripe and fit well onto the bed.


Next I printed a first version. I fitted well, but while reading a book the very bright LED's were blinding me, so I modelled a second version with a small screen. I also tried to build a tunnel to make the cable pass cleaner to the back of the bed, but it was too small.

First try Second try

I tried to design a new tunnel, but the print did not succed. I didn't want to trash it, so I used it anyway.

 Lights on Close up Lights off

Before publishing any files I want to redesign the cable tunnel and optimize the entire case. So check back later ...